Recovering from fire damage need not be a nightmare

After the clean-up, the paint job.

If you use standard techniques and coatings to cover soot and smoke damage, the stains and smell will soon bleed through and you will have to start again.

Call now on 01492 544777 and we will arrange for your premises to be restored to pristine whiteness by a team of professional sprayers using unique coatings which block smoke and soot damage permanently.

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The most cost-effective and time-efficient method of restoring fire damaged premises in the UK.

The coatings we use are guaranteed and our highly trained spray teams take professional pride in their work.

You will be presented with a blank canvas, which you can leave as a finished substrate or upon which you can readily create or restore your particular colour scheme. Our coatings are matt or satin and come in white as standard but tinting can be arranged on request.

No job too large. Our specialist teams and our unique spraying process have been used in places ranging from domestic premises, such as houses and flats, to very large commercial units.

Rapid Response, Nationwide Service

You need to get your premises up and running again as soon as possible because commercial properties lose money every day they are shut. Our lead times reflect the urgency of this line of work.

fire damage  fire damage

Attention Clean-up Companies!

Does your company specialise in cleaning premises after they have suffered fire damage? If so, we would like to work alongside you, providing the stain-blocking, spray "finish" for the job. Please contact us now, on 01492 544777, to discuss this further.

Why use our system?

The damage that a fire can cause to a business cannot be over estimated. The visible signs of a burnt out building and the ruined stock is only half the story. There are also the consequential losses from business interruption, employees being unable to work, supply chains being disrupted and the customers who are forced to turn to alternative suppliers and may never return.


Many companies use shellac-based coatings to block smoke damage.
This is a mistake.

These are designed to completely seal-off the damaged substrate. Whilst these coatings are excellent at stain-blocking, they could also lead to future structural problems.

Shellac-based products will completely seal the substrate. They are non permeable coatings and will stop the surface from breathing; they will stop any vapour or moisture from escaping. The moisture will remain locked in the substrate which will eventually lead to substrate failure, and lead to even more insurance claims in the future.

The SmoKote coatings we use are vapour permeable. They will completely block the smoke stains. However, they will also allow the substrate to breathe and let moisture escape from behind the coating layer. Any odour locked within the moisture will be killed by a de-odoriser in the coating.

Smoke damage is often the largest issue that requires professional restoration. Smoke and soot damage will be ingrained into the existing substrates, if the correct coatings are not used, this smoke damage will discolour all future paint jobs, and odours will leach through for years to come.

Many companies mistakenly believe that just applying a few coats of standard paint over the smoke damage will be an end to the problem, only to be surprised to find the soot and odours bleeding through after a number of months. There will be complaints from customers and staff; this could lead to loss of business and employee absenteeism. Again this will affect your company’s future turnover.

We can offer the complete disaster restoration decorating package. Our service is ideal for the client, insurance company and loss adjuster. We offer a rapid response service. After your premises have had an initial clean by an approved cleaning contractor we will attend the site and spray the areas using specialist coatings giving you a clean, bright blank canvass. We can have a business operational again within days. Even large areas of over 5000m2 can be completely painted out in days. This will enable companies to reoccupy the building in minimum time scales.

Our spraying teams use the unique SmoKote range of coatings. These coatings have been designed to completely cover smoke and soot damage in a single application. The coatings contain stain-blockers & deodorizers and rust inhibitors they are specifically manufactured for this purpose. The Elite Anti-Smoke range of coatings enables us to spray out thousands of square metres fast and efficiently at a competitive price. Cladding, steel, plaster, concrete, metal & mineral suspended ceilings, drywall, basically any substrate in your premises. We will also spray in the woodwork and doors etc at the same time.

Our system can either be left as a blank canvass for the client to then decorate to a chosen colour scheme at a later date, or as a finish coat. We have 20 teams who operate in all areas of the UK. Due to the nature of the problem we have very short lead in times and can usually be onsite working within hours or days from your initial call.

You will reduce your insurance claim and significantly cut your downtime. You will save a fortune by being able to start trading again sooner, rather than later.


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Our SmoKote coatings are available to buy from as little as £6.35 per litre.
(Per pallet of 24 * 15 litre containers. Single, 15 litre container price: £8.46 per litre)
Delivery extra. All prices exclude VAT

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